If Dr. Seuss Wrote for Teens: All I Was Missing Were Shoes For My Feet

In honor of the author I probably read the most (thanks to my kids), this should be read aloud a la Dr. Seuss style…. Just make sure the kids aren’t listening…

If Dr. Seuss Wrote For Teens

* * *

“Hurry!” yelled Mom.

“You’re going to be late.

A car door just closed.

Your guy’s at the gate.”


I stood in my room,

Clothes coating my bed.

Dresses and skirts

And bows for my head.


I’d chosen the sundress,

Sexy, yet sweet.

All I was missing

Were shoes for my feet.


Snags in my hose

And heels were too dressy.

Plus my fake Jimmy Choos

Were loaned out to Jessie.


My sneakers were comfy

All ragged and worn.

I could’ve gone retro,

If the sole hadn’t torn.


My Bircks almost matched,

But they had a slight smell

From when we went camping

In the monsoon from Hell.


No sneakers, no heels,

No Birks or fake Choo.

Just what in the fuck

Was a person to do?

I had no shoes to wear

No shoes at all

And my cell phone was ringing

I answered the call.


“I”m busy.” I said

To the the person who rang

“I need to find shoes

So I can go hang.

My boyfriend is here

And I cannot say hi

Without shoes on my feet

So I have to say bye!”


I clicked shut the phone

And tossed it aside.

“No more distractions

Unless you’re my ride.”


I walked to my closet

And turned on the light.

I hoped I’d find something

To wear out tonight.


A pizza box lid

A much loved brown bear.

Some nasty green stuff

And some goop for my hair.


All but my shoes

Hid on the floor.

At this rate I’d never

Set foot out the door.


I turned from the closet

And studied the bed.

“I must have something that

Matches in red.”


Pink crocs and snow boots

An umbrella for rain.

Half the clothes from my closet.

Some Advil for pain.


Dog eared old novels.

Sunglasses for glare.

Something purple and sticky.

Hitched a ride from the fair.


Sticky and purple,

Sunglasses and pills,

Weapons for weather

Some wadded up bills.

Where the hell were my shoes?

The sandals with bling?

The flip-flops in silver

That matched everything?


I needed those shoes

I needed them now.

I needed them soon

Or I might have a cow.


My door opened then

And my mom barged right in.

“Your boyfriend is waiting

For your date to begin.”


“I NEED SHOES!” I yelled.

So angry and mad.

“I’m stuck ’til I find them,

So that’s too effin’ bad.”


“Try searching the place

Where things go the most.

Then trigger your manners

And be a good host.”


I thought for a moment

Then crawled under my bed.

It was dark. It was dusty.

Was that something in red?


I reached far beneath

And pulled out a pair

Of my favorite shoes ever

The fake Choos with the flare.


Elegant thin straps

Laced like a boot.

High four inch heels

My mom wanted to shoot.


These shoes were magic

They always brought luck.

They greatly decreased

My curses of “fuck!”


I laced them up deftly

Cinching them tight.

I’d finally found

Perfect shoes for tonight.


A Red Dress Club writing prompt

One of my favorite parts of summer is THE SHOES. So for your prompt this week I’d like you to write about your character (or yourself) and a pair of his or her shoes.

Those shoes can be real or symbolic, they can hurt or be super comfy but I want to see what they say about the life of the person wearing them. It’s a chance to use all those descriptive words I love reading.

* * *

This is what happens when Idon’t start writing the prompt until after 11:30 PM and I’ve only had three hours of sleep. Sure I could have gone to sleep, but I swore I would write for every prompt.

Besides, I haven’t tried anything different in at least a week.

What did you think?

I wrote for Mav and John too, but it isn’t finished.

Concrit is welcomed as always (apologies for any typos).


My brain is quite stuck

In this rhythm today.

I’ll reply to all comments

The Dr. Seuss way.

* * *


About Kelly K @ Dances with Chaos

Kelly K has learned the five steps to surviving of motherhood: 1) Don't get mad. Grab your camera. 2) Take a photograph. 3) Blog about it. 4) Laugh. 5) Repeat. She shares these tales at Dances with Chaos in order to preserve what tiny amount of sanity remains. You can also find her on her sister blog, Writing with Chaos (www.writingwithchaos.com) sharing memoir and engaging in her true love: fiction writing. It's cheaper than therapy.
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36 Responses to If Dr. Seuss Wrote for Teens: All I Was Missing Were Shoes For My Feet

  1. Kir says:

    OOOH Kel, you always always put me to shame. WOW.

    this was amazing and funny and descriptive and wonderful.

    BRAVO my friend, I loved every single “pair”

    • P-shaw my dear friend.
      You know not what you say.
      I could never shame you.
      Your writing? Oy vey!

      It pulls and it tugs.
      It tweaks the heart strings.
      You draw us in.
      You cause our mood swings.

      We fly with you
      And the stories you write
      Oh, and thanks for prompt.
      Glad mine did not bite.

  2. Mrs. Jen B says:

    This is adorable and funny and so well put together! You definitely brought to mind that frantic, “how did this get in my closet but my shoes aren’t here??” feeling. And “my mom wanted to shoot” – priceless! Very clever 🙂

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it
      And found it quite cute.
      And I’m certain those shoes
      My mother would shoot.

      If I talked of real life
      And the search for our shoes
      There is one guilty party.
      She hides all the clues.

      My daughter is approaching
      The ripe age of two.
      And stealing our shoes?
      It’s her fave thing to do.

  3. Loved it! If only you knew how many times I am looking for that “right” pair of shoes and find one under the bed…and the other one in the car!

    Yes yes I know!

    Love fake Jimmy Choos! Fake means you can buy more shoes as far as I am concerned 😉

    • My daughter so often
      Grabs my shoes for her own.
      One hid under books.
      The other used as a phone.

      I wrote this as fiction
      The Choo shoe a fake.
      I had no idea it was something
      A person would make.

      I’m honestly clueless
      I don’t follow fashion.
      The money I save goes to
      My mad money ration. 🙂

  4. Hilarious! Accept next time I should scan the vocabulary before I start reading out loud…ha ha ha. The rhythm was just perfect and captured the mood of a teenagers chaos. (And a mom for that matter!)

    • I did instruct you
      To read it out loud.
      Now there’s a disclaimer.
      I hope you are proud.

      I remember quite well
      My job as a teen
      To push limits and boundaries.
      And my room wasn’t clean.

      Thanks for the comment
      May this make you smile.
      Next stop? My Pajama’s.
      Can I stay for a while?

  5. Carrie says:

    This was fabulous! I had such wonderful rhythm (inspired by the recent guest post on RDC perhaps?)

    A few lines jarred but overall it bounced along, just like someone tearing apart their room looking for shoes 🙂

    • I was sleepy and tired.
      The clock rolled past the three.
      I wanted my bed
      But it wasn’t to be.

      I sat and typed
      In rhythm and rhyme
      Hoping to finish
      Before prompt linky time.

      It wasn’t quite perfect.
      My brain wouldn’t function.
      Why was I writing again?
      Oh yeah, the compunction.

      The goal I had set
      To always respond
      To prompts for The Club.
      My word was my bond.

      So I struggled and wrote,
      Ran in circles and fought
      To stay up all night.
      Some mistakes were not caught.

      I hope I have fixed them
      Now that I am awake.
      My brain’s stuck on rhythm
      And more rhymes to make.

  6. angela says:

    So funny! I love all the descriptions, including the messiness and craziness of the closet.

  7. That was fantastic! I loved the (adult) poetry. And all the details about what she found when she was looking for the shoes. Very cute. 🙂

    • What truly is funny,
      You really must know,
      My poetry bites.
      It really does blow.

      This wouldn’t have worked,
      Without the power of Seuss.
      I just bowed to the master
      But now I can’t cut him loose.

  8. julie moore says:

    Just like reading Dr. Suess for adults. hate it when I can’t find my shoes!

    • One thing I have learned
      Is how much that I wish
      A publisher would pay me
      To rhyme words like the “fish”.

      Short and concise
      A novel it’s not.
      But much less rewriting
      And sobbed piles of snot.

      So thank you for clicking
      The link to stop by.
      I’m grateful for readers
      Taking time to say hi.

  9. You made this look EASY but I know it is not!
    That was awesome!

    • “You made this look EASY
      but I know it is not!
      That was *amazingly* awesome!”

      “I might give it a shot!”

      Sorry. After 4 hours of writing this post (as my body tried to fall asleep in my chair), my brain won’t stop thinking in this rhythm. I see it everywhere.

      You wrote in the rhythm
      Of your comment, you see.
      I know you could do this.
      Next TRDC!

      Oh yeah, and I’m also delirious today.

      In case anyone was wondering.

  10. How cool are you?! Love it!

    • Thanks for the follow.
      Still rhyming on Twitter.
      I can’t seem to stop.
      But at least I’m not bitter.

      I am always glad
      To spread joy around.
      Once I’m finished here
      On your site I’ll be found.

  11. CDG says:

    That was great, and I do love a nod to the master of wisdom wrapped in nonsense.

    • Seuss was the master
      And he cause this affliction.
      His rhyming and rhythm
      Have caused this addiction.

      Can you just image
      If it caught Sam and Will?
      Or if suddenly Lilith
      Rhymed while paying her bill?

  12. Galit Breen says:

    You’re silly. And clever. Love it.

    And your matching tweets? Well that’s just pure genius now, isn’t it?

    • This style of writing
      Was completely unplanned.
      I had a post started
      It quickly was canned.

      The Cat in the Hat
      Became lodged in my brain
      It was go with the flow
      Or suffer the pain.

      While I have the words
      From my muse above
      I simply must say
      Thank you for the love.

      Each prompt, every post
      Without fail you are here,
      Writing comments for me,
      Allaying my fear.

      I’ve slacked on repaying
      The comments in kind
      My free time is shrinking
      My reading’s behind.

      Most blog posts are read
      Via mobile device.
      I don’t comment there.
      Let this sorry suffice.

      And thanks ALL OF YOU!
      You know who you are.
      Each comment and tweet
      Makes me feel like a star.

  13. I did the prompt, too. But since I’d already sent something out — I figured I wouldn’t double post! I love this! It is so joyous. Mine was rather somber, as I was writing from a hospital room.

    I’m glad I did the exercise, and I can post it another day.

    The prompt got me writing, just like it is designed to do.

    You all are doing such a good job!

    • There is nothing wrong
      With writing a blog
      Not happy and cheery
      There’s no need to flog

      You need to remember
      You you did what you must.
      Your wrote and created.
      It wasn’t a bust.

      Posts make you laugh
      And some make you cry.
      Their writers give love,
      Support you can’t buy.

      It boils down to
      One thing in the end,
      Blogging is how,
      I met you, my dear friend.

  14. Eric says:

    Wow, that was excellent and incredibly clever. Only now, I have a feeling I’ll be thinking in Suessian rhythm all day.

  15. I so want to reply in a rhyme back to you,
    But alas, the day’s sunshine has made me feel blue.
    I love this whole posting – so happy and bright.
    Your writing’s amazing, your rhyming just right.

    Huh. Well, there it is – my fumbling offering. Ode to Kelly!

    Mad skillz you got, Mama. Mad skills indeed!

  16. Renee says:

    This is awesome! You shoeless pseudo-Suess you.
    Yes, I read it out loud. Giggling a lot. Glad the hubby stepped out, he’d think I was nuts. Again.

  17. Erin says:

    This was awesome! I attempted poetry but it wasn’t nearly as clever as this!

  18. Kristina says:

    So my question is…does speaking in rhyme get easier or harder? My guess is easier and everything out of your mouth today has been Seuseian. At the gas station, at the store, at the library where you went to get more… 😉

  19. What a creative response to the prompt. I’m pretty sure I’ve had that moment in time too! Suess would be proud.

  20. Lex says:

    This is so fantastic! I don’t know enough about poetry to critique this, but it’s so much fun!!

    I loved it, loved it, loved it!!

  21. Jackie says:

    This was absolutely pure genius and by far the best post I’ve read all week!
    I can see why you were up so late writing!

  22. Ashley says:

    So fun! I love this! Sometimes we just need to have fun and play around. Great job!

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