I love to write fiction.

Rarely are my characters plotted or thought out in advance. As I type, they literally pop onto the screen from whatever recessed part of my brain they’d been living in, as new to me as any reader. I discover their story as I type, as if channeling another person while they feed me their lines.

It’s weird.

A handful of readers demanded “more”.

I’m obliging.

Not to say that new characters and stories won’t appear; I’m certain they will.

But these are the stories I intend to revisit – in hopes of forging a new book, or the skeleton of one.

Madison’s (Mav’s) Story

Currently: This is fiction told from Madison’s first person point of view.

This is likely to be a mystery suspense type romance. Or literary fiction.

I think.

I reserve the right to change my mind at any time.

So far we’ve met:

  • Madison/Mav – The “I” in the story
  • John – her ex-boyfriend
  • Danny – her current boyfriend

You can read her story here (in chronological order):

  1. Old School – TRDC iPod playlist prompt
  2. Stood Up – TRDC post card prompt
  3. The Alley – TRDC “fight” prompt
  4. Jealous Distraction – TRDC “jealousy” prompt
  5. The Storm – TRDC “gluttony” prompt
  6. Hangover – TRDC “sloth” prompt
  7. I Wish…. – TRDC “She was wrong” prompt
  8. The Mask – TRDC “What character wants most” prompt
  9. Third Degree – A “between the prompts” post
  10. The Shot – TRDC “Happy ending” prompt
  11. In. Out. In. – TRDC “Physical beauty” prompt
  12. The Demands – TRDC “Flash fiction 300 word max” prompt
  13. Drawing Blood – A “between the prompts” post
  14. The Appointment – TRDC “Forgotten card” prompt

Or just CLICK HERE to read it all but the most recent entry in a single post.


The Garden

Currently: A dark, twisted tale about Lily and how she’s sucked into the cycle of abuse.

Characters so far:

  • Lily
  • her (as yet unnamed) husband
  • his Grandmother
  1. Educating the Angelic Flower – About three years before “The Garden”, we have a glimpse into her husband’s past as they begin their life together.
  2. Stolen Garden – Takes place where #1 left off, only from her point of view.
  3. First seen in “The Garden” – written as a stand alone, if this was part of a book, it would be the end. So don’t read it if you don’t want to know.

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