About Me

I am Kelly, aka The Mommy – I’m a former Iowan who transplanted to Texas in 2003.  I have an addiction to Mountain Dew and popcorn. I write in an effort to keep the few strands of sanity that my children have yet to bludgeon into early onset Mommy Brain. I have been a Stay At Home Mom since my son was born in February 2007 and dream to someday be a paid writer.

Three reasons why writing is a challenge.

As I currently get about 8.3 seconds to an entire five minutes to focus on any one thing before I am interrupted, I currently stick to blogging while dreaming of the day I can edit my book. Or scrap that piece of junk and write something new.

This blog is for writing challenges, random pieces of writing, ranting about writing frustrations, and pretty much everything else related to aspiring to be a “real” writer.

March 2011 – I’ve decided (when the prompt fits and the characters are talking) to write about recurring characters, in hopes that one day I might have the workings of a book.  See the “”Fiction” tab for more information.

Meanwhile, you can check out the main mommy blog over at Dances with Chaos.


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